Wikipedia is one of the many regions of the Cyber. It is a place of knowledge, learning, information, and is home to the many scholars of the internet. Weed Bro has massive respect for Dem Wikipedia scholars and credits it for getting him through school projects

Wikipedia was founded by Jimbo Wales in the first days of the Cyber, to create a database for the Third Dimension (and a bit of the Cyber as well, but nothing to do with the WB or the Funwaa-Gumwaa canon) and over the years, it has evolved into a storehouse of knowledge, despite onslaughts by 4Channers , incels, and edgy kids.


Wikipedia was founded before the first days of the Cyber, the times when being a Normie meant not accepting Anime, cosplay, furryness and shit free from the influence of meme Masters and trolls, for an untainted medium of providing knowledge. Edited and managed by the denizens of the third dimension, all was good until some people realized that anyone could edit it and started defacing articles. Wikipedians have a tough time controlling such vandals now.


Before the first days of the Cyber, the most visited articles were things you need to have a high I.Q to understand (woulda been Rißß and Moßty if it existed then), but with the Advent of Anime, Netflix, Multi-million dollar money making machines masquerading as TV series, and a cringe ridden community it's now Kevin ẞpacey, ẞtranger Thingß and Young Shelßon (for low IQ fags) and Rick and Morty (Proof that scholars still do exist.).


iFunny, 4Chan and Reddit engineered an invasion of Wikipedia to force it to rename the fire ant spicy 🔥 boi. They even carried out an extortion racket targetting semi good Hillary Clinton