James "Dicky" Bond[1], more commonly known as Weed Dude, is a savage guy living on the Cyber. His appearance is magnificent, with his distinguishing feature being his brown beard. He is 21 years old.

Role & Personality Edit

While at first he seems similar to Weed Bro personality-wise, it quickly becomes clear that his trolls and memes are simply weaker versions of Weed Bro's flawless comedic masterpieces. Because of this, many scientists hypothesize he may be a failed clone of Weed Bro, which would be unsurprising, considering how many versions of him there are in Cybernetic India. It was originally speculated that Weed Dude might have some relation with the army, given that he apparently had Roger on speed dial, however, it is now known that Roger is simply a member of the Normie Elimination Task Force, an organization that Weed Dude had on speed dial to help cleanse Cybernetic India of Normies. It was later confirmed that his connection to the army is more personal than thought before, as his legs appear to have been blown off by some form of explosive.

He has pranked his clones before, but they seem to reverse the pranks on him. Weed Dude is not a clever bro.

He owns an Intel Core i7 Processor 3.3 Ghz 8 GB RAM, gtx 560 Graphics Card.

He has flirted with the daughter of Osama bin Laden, a blonde girl by the name of Jamema bin Laden. He mistook her for a bomb, and thus, may need glasses.

Weed Dude used to like dried nuts. However, he claims the "dirty fuckers" of the internet ruined his education. Weed Dude cheats on his girlfriend.

Weed Dude appears to engage in a major human trafficking operation, operating with neither quarter nor mercy. His modus operandi involves befriending the unfortunate victim, before locking them in a cage and openly mocking them. After this, he sends them on to an auction house known only as "the zoo". Weed Dude selects his victims based on their facial appearance, although what criteria he judges them by is unknown.

In an alternate universe weed people are addicted to studying and gaming is considered a repulsive task. The alternate universe weed dude is studying and uses an upcoming test as an excuse to study when Derpina rebukes him for studying and makes him play vidya games [1]

Real Name Edit


Weed Dude's name revealed. (June 2017)

On June 22, 2017, we caught a glimpse into the early life of our dearest dude. Weed Dude was inquiring his mother, who was revealed to be Derpina, about the origin of his cousin's name - Rose. Derpina revealed that it was because Rose's mother -- Dude's aunt -- liked Roses. Weed Dude then asked his mother what did she like. Derpina responded with, "Dicky, stop asking questions." This means that Dude's real name was Dicky. Or, so it was. Perhaps Weed Dude legally changed his name, something not uncommon for the Cyber's inhabitants.

Weed Bro cycling through his variations, attempting and failing suicide, and committing Involuntary Manslaughter against Poker Face. (June 2017)


Weed Dude on his heart. (June 2017)


Weed Dude on his education. (June 2017)


Weed Dude's computer. (June 2017)


Weed Dude fear and Chuck Norris' infinite friends.


Weed Dude tries to get in the pants of Osama bin Laden's daughter. (June 2017)

Human Trafficking

Weed Dude mercilessly mocks a victim of his human trafficking operation.


Weed Dude gets pranked. (June 2017)


He has a game called Dude Bike Race endorsed by Weed Bro . Critics praised its smooth gameplay and ultra realistic graphics but criticized the lack of lore.

Fusion Clones Edit