Weed Bro: Before the Blunt is a documentary film series detailing the life of Weed Bro before he became a superstar in the hit-webcomic The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends. Weed Bro became a Weed user at age 18[1], So all these movies chronologically take place before 10 April 2011.

Its films are, chronologically:

1) Weed Bro and the Sorcerer's Stoned

2) Weed Bro and the Chamber of Secret Weed

3) Weed Bro and the Prisoner of Cannabis

4). Weed Bro and the Bong of Fire

5).Weed Bro and the search for weed in Mumbai

6).Weed Bro and Sarcastic Auntie get high together

7) Weed Bro and the Deathly Marijuana

8). Weed Bro and the autistic dealer

9). Weed Bro in the Film Nobody Asked For

10). Weed Bro and the Sorcerer's Stoned pt.2