This page lists the different varieties of Weed Bro that have been found. The original Weed Bro is here.

Cap Bro Edit

Cap bro

Cap Bro

Cap Bro is a rare enigmatic variation. His appearance is that of normal Weed Bro, but wearing a red clipart cap and has pink eyes.

It is known that his brain is 5% names, 3% phone numbers, 2% stuff he should know for school, and 90% song lyrics. It is in fact, true shit.

He is also an unconventional Bro, being bisexual. [1] considered a taboo in India and something to make fun of in the Meme Masters Circle.

Armless Bro Edit

Armless Bro was the most common variation of Weed Bro. Armless Bro is missing both of his arms, and lacks both the blunt and the gold chains. He is also extremely emotional, as he cried profusely during one of Weed Bro's infamous zingers. He was murdered by Weed Bro on October 23rd 2017

Armless bro

Armless Bro

Lol Bro Edit

One of the rarest bros out there. It seems to be a fusion of the "LOL" face and Weed Dude . He seems to have trouble spelling things, as he spells "Harry Potter" as "Harry potyer" in one appearance.

Another appearance of lolbro

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.50.35 PM

Lol Bro

Dollar Store Bro Edit

Dollar store bro

Dollar Store Bro

Dollar Store Bro is an exceptionally rare variation that has only been sighted once. His appearence is that of a cheaply made Weed Bro, with the same body as Weed Bro, but with an oversized head, darker red eyes and a brown beard.

Clean Shaven Bro Edit


The only known comic featuring Clean Shaven Bro

Clean Shaven Bro is an incredibly rare variation, also with only one known appearance. He is identical to the default Bro, but does not have a beard.

Open Mouth Bro Edit

Open Mouth Bro is an extremely rare variation. He looks identical to the Weed Bro, the only difference being the lack of the cigar and the open mouth. He also has his hands on his head. There is only one known sighting of this bro.
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.09.31 PM

Open mouth bro

Crimson Eyes Bro Edit

He has special eyes. /u/helloisthisfood theorizes that this is because he viewed a Znoflats comic once.

Crimson Eyes Bro's special eyes. (May 2017)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Bro Edit

FAS Bro is a newly sighted character in the WB universe. It was first sighted on 4/24/17 by reddit user odspot. Not much is known about FAS Bro, and it is unknown if he is high or not.
Unknown bro

FAS Bro.

ANGRY Bro Edit

Angry Bro is identical to Weed Bro, except for the fact that he is VISIBLY ANGRY. He is easily triggered by doubting in his inner talent. He also wishes mosquitoes would suck fat instead of blood, which would be extremely painful.

IMG 0699


No Eyes Bro Edit

A rare version of Bro, he was overcome with the futility of his vision after seeing a post about his friend's 


The creation of no eyes bro. June 18, 2017

vacation to the sun at night time. He 

was overcome by the stupidity of the picture, and, claiming he had seen everything in this world, removed his eyes to donate, creating no eyes bro.

Ebroji Edit


Ebroji demanding to know what monster brought him into this meaningless existence.

An extremely rare form of Weed Bro, Ebroji is a terrible chimera, half emoji, half bro. His face is extremely disfigured, and he has only one known appearance (thus far). It is believed he originated from a failed lab experiment. His existence is just further proof that the world we've created for ourselves is a darker hell than any just god could even fathom. As the great Steve Buscemi once said, "Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?"

DUDE (ƎⱭUⱭ) Bro or Real Thug Edit

A rare bro who wears a black headband with the word "DUDE" written backwards on it in white. The reason why remains unanswered. Is bro illiterate? Is his shoddily printed headband a cheeky jab at consumerist 


The only known appearance of DUDE Bro.

decay and complacency? Or is it possible that the text is backwards because we're actually staring at our own reflection in the mirror, as our red-eyed hero invites us to the humbling recognition that there's a little bro in us all? He sports a close-cropped beard, narrowed red eyes, and a beatific smile.

Mutated Bro Edit

The scariest bro variation of them all, Mutated Bro is a shoddily drawn Weed Bro who is crying, sober, has a smaller beard, a pirate bandana, and extremely bony hands. So far, he has only one appearance. He feels that the tradition of rubbing a pregnant belly in congratulations is unfair to men, who he says should have their dicks rubbed as congratulations.


The only appearance of Mutated Bro. (August 2017)

Love Bro Edit


Not much is known about this rare variant, aside that it is some sort of mutated Weed Dude with heart-eyes. It does know how to read, however.

Foreign Dictator Bro Edit


The only known sighting of Foreign Dictator Bro.

Former Dictator of Cybernetic Pakistan

Homosexual Bro Edit

Quite a rare variant, only seen once in the wild. Researchers at CERN have determined that the existence of homosexual bro proves that there is no god in this pitiful existence

IMG 20171022 153559

Balkan BroEdit

Balkan Bro is the croatian[2] variant of weed bro. Not much else is known about him.


Balkan Bro

Sarcastic Weed Bro Edit

Sarcastic Weed Bro is a combination of Weed Bro and Sarcastic Bro. This bro is recently spotted at r/comedycemetery and is very rare. Furthermore this bro smokes a classy pipe. There is not much else known about him. He has a unnamed sister.

T3 7zxz08

First sighting of Sarcastic Weed Bro (February 2018)

Green Eyed Absurdist Cig BroEdit

Absurdist Cig Bro is an alternate reality version to Weed Bro and is just a normal guy aged around 16 to 24 with an alternate reality Tina. Cig Bro also has green eyes for an unknown reason. Unlike Weed Bro, he is a tobacco smoker. He wears a t shirt with Love day written on it (a pun on laude, the Hindi word for dick) and he trolls her in a surreal manner. This has led Weed Bro experts to theorize that thiis video was just a Tim and Eric sketch featuring Cig Bro.