Weed Bro's Son is the unnamed son of Weed Bro. His birth is in the future, and his place in the canon is unknown. He wears a yellow t-shirt, has black hair, and has Weed Bro's talent for trolling. He could be a possible future leader of the S.C.H.O.O.L. Organisation. He has great potential to be a troll.

He has several possible mothers. He has the eyes of Jamema bin Laden. He is possibly Jennifer Gates' son, as the mother of Weed Bro's son is not seen in his only appearance. The most likely mother is Tina, however. This is most like the truth, as Weed Bro's Son appears in a different comic, albeit with a different appearance, where Tina is his mother.

As Weed Bro is his father, he is likely to become addicted to marijuana. He is also probably poor.

He was born on November 14th, In an unspecified year.[1]


Weed Bro insulting Tina's lineage. (June 2017)


His first appearance. (June 2017)