Weed Bro's Mother is the unnamed, seldom-seen mother of Weed Bro. She is extremely physically and emotionally abusive, and once beat her husband for thirty minutes straight for having romantic relationships prior to having met her. Weed Bro does not seem to take issue with this behavior. Her favored weapon is the flip flop.

In a later comic she is revealed to have been one of Sarcastic Bro's teacher. It is presumed she resigned.


A display of Weed Bro's Mother's athletic ability. (May 2017)

Her violent tendencies are only matched by her tremendous throwing ability. The weight of the average sandal is just a little over one pound, or 16 ounces. The weight of a baseball is 5.25 ounces. By throwing the sandal at 120 km/h. In comparison, the world's fastest car, the Hennessey Venom GT can travel at 435.31 km/h. The average car travels at 65 miles per hour, or 104 km/h. The fastest baseball pitch is 169.14 km/h, thrown by Aroldis Chapman. The average pitching speed for professional MLB pitchers is 148.06 km/h. The average person can pitch at 96.5 km/h. Therefore, if a baseball weighs three times as less as the sandal, she could theoretically pitch a baseball three times faster. This would be 360 km/h, which would mean a pitch from Weed Bro's Mother would travel three times faster than the average car, and nearly as fast as the fastest car ever manufactured.


Yet another sighting of the notorious flip flops of Weed Bro's mother. (June 2017)

Feigned InnocenceEdit

Weed Bro's Mother has likely let her son play too much GTA. Weed Bro's Mother is likely innocent when it comes to sexual innuendos, as seen from a tweet from her complaining about 'yogurt' constantly spilling over Weed Bro's pants, with the implication that the yogurt is likely semen. However it has been realized that her Innocence was just a cover for her Illuminati activities, revealed after Weed Bro broke the fourth wall and told us about her being in the Illuminati


Weed Bro's Mom innocently(pretending to) assumes that Weed Bro spills yogurt over his pants, July 2017


Weed Bro believing that car crashes are ordinary for GTA fans. (June 2017)

Illuminati MembershipEdit

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Weed Bro's mother demonstrating powers seen only by members of the Illuminati. (November 2017)

It would appear as though Weed Bro's mother is part of an even deeper conspiracy than previously thought. This is seen when Weed Bro has seemingly lost his laptop. His mother tells him to look at the table multiple times and its suddenly there, despite having not been there only seconds earlier. Weed Bro deduces that his mother must be a member of the elusive iluminati. The reasoning for her joining the group and her intentions now have yet to be seen.