Weed Bro's Father is the deceased father of Weed Bro, and brother of deuteragonist Sarcastic Auntie who lives in Cybernetic India. He wears prescription glasses and has blond facial hair. He is also a member of the S.C.H.O.O.L Organisation, an active terrorist organization operating somewhere on the Cyber. He is an ardent polygamist owing to the fact that he married both Weed Bro's Mother and Sarcastic Bro's mother

Early lifeEdit

Weed Bro's Father was most likely born and raised in Cybernetic India, similar to many other of the Cyber's living legends. As is usually the case, little is known about his life, although he is married to Weed Bro's Mother, and has at least two sons.

When he was Weed Bro's age, he apparently had five girlfriends at the same time; he was then promptly physically assaulted and maimed for half an hour by his wife after disclosing this information to his son[2]. Little is known about his personal life otherwise.

He and his sister, Sarcastic Auntie, are never seen communicating and are only implicitly linked to each other through Sarcastic Bro, although both live on the Cyber regardless. This could show a strain in his family relations, possibly brought on by the rambunctious activities of his sons and his inability to discipline them for their wrongs.

He does not have the trademark 'marijuana red eyes' like his son Weed Bro, indicating that he either never smoked marijuana or he was a former addict who has since quit the drug.

He also seems to be related to Sarcastic Bro's Father, as they have the same face, but a different body.

It is unknown when Weed Bro's dad adopted Weed Bro.



IMG 0712

The tragic death of Weed Bro's Father

On June 10th, 2017, Weed Bro's Father was tragically murdered by his own son Weed Bro outside of their home. Weed Bro's Father was showing his new sports car to Weed Bro when a suspected exhaust backfire triggered Weed Bro's PTSD, which he suffers from due to his involvement in the War on Drugs. Weed Bro proceeded to forcibly drag his father from the vehicle before drawing a Sig Sauer P320 from its holster and shooting him dead on the pavement. Weed Bro then stole his car and drove off.

Any appearances of Weed Bro's Father after June 10, 2017 originally took place before his death and should be treated as such chronologically.

It is likely that the reason for the murder is due to the reveal of Weed Bro being both adopted and being kicked out of his own house. Perhaps they were in the car to enter Weed Bro's new home? The details are fuzzy as of now.

Some Pakistani Scholars believe his death was actually caused by an indian police officer, And that the story of Weed bro killing his dad might be propaganda by the indian government to hide the brutality of the indian police.[3]

Appearances on the CyberEdit

Weed Bro's Father's first known appearance was in the story of Weed Bro becoming the CEO of World Bank, in which he allowed Weed Bro to marry a girl once learning she was Bill Gates' daughter. It is unknown if the marriage actually occurred or not, so it is impossible to determine whether Weed Bro's Father and Bill Gates are brother-in-laws.

Weed Bro's Father only has about three confirmed physical appearances in The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends after this instance, but he is mentioned numerous times in several different comics by both Weed Bro and Sarcastic Bro. It is unknown when exactly he will appear next but Weed Bro's trolling knows no bound so we can expect to see him again sometime in the future.

Weed Bro's Father's real name is Hakan Akbas, according to this post where he talks about his son and the Bill Gates fiasco.

Terroristic affiliationsEdit


It is plausible to assume that Weed Bro's Father is part of a terrorist syndicate known as the S.C.H.O.O.L Organisation, based in Cybernetic India.

This is specifically stated by Weed Bro in a conversation between him and his teacher, where he claims his father works in "some terrorist organization". It appears that his terroristic affiliations help his son manipulate his school results, enjoy special perks and intimidate his teachers.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed Bro's Father has no idea what "WTF" means, even though everyone knows that it stands for "Where's the Fish."

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