Thomas "Tommy" Max is a person who lives on the Cyber, and who briefly served as an antagonist to Sarcastic Bro during The Roast of Tommy Max. He is a known racist, assuming Abdul was a terrorist simply because of his name (however, he actually is a terrorist). Max, however, was then accused of being a dog, due to his name, which he vehemently denied. Tommy, like the Teacher, has been a recipient of the extreme SAVAGE trolling of Sarcastic Bro, as both have been compelled to burst into tears by him. Later he supposedly died[1], But he employed a doppelganger, And survived. Tommy Max would go on to swim across the entire Atlantic ocean[2], Only stopping at Flores island where the local community turned him into a furry[3]. Thomas completed his crossing at 23 June 2018. It has been theorised that a grown up Tommy Max became Tina's husband after she broke up with Weed Bro, and was employed as one of his executives at World Bank, although this theory remains very controversial and is not accepted by the majority of scholars.

Tommy becomes a furry (May 2018)

Adult tommy max

A possible sighting of an adult Tommy Max.


Tommy Max in 2017

IMG 3077

Tommy Max is shown during his graduation ceremony on this creationist poster.