Tina is one of the primary recurring characters in The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends, where she stars as Weed Bro's on and off whorefriend. Despite this, Weed Bro is known not to think very highly of her, as on least one occasion, in response to her purchase of a Rubix Cube, he declared that she lacked a brain. It is also possible that she is cheating with Sarcastic Bro as shown here.

It is implied that Tina's family is socially conservative, as Weed Bro has blackmailed her into staying with him by threatening to reveal that she had a boyfriend to her family if she breaks up with him.

Tina was in a relationship with an unknown person prior to meeting Weed Bro, but she broke up with him because Weed Bro claimed to have more money. To her dismay, she soon learned that the Bro was actually referring to his bank account in Grand Theft Auto.

Appearance and Possible Albinism Edit

Due to her appearance, it is likely that Tina uses weed; however, due to her blonde hair which is rare in India, another explanation being that she is Albino, which explains the red eyes and pale skin. Despite this, it is unlikely that this is true due to the nature of the comic and the fact that it has never been brought up, a much more likely explanation being that she immigrated from somewhere else, she is not a citizen of Cybernetic India, or that the creator of the comic wanted to trick readers into believing it took place outside of India, possibly in order to increase relatability towards a western audience. The red eyes can be explained because it is likely that she smokes weed with her partner, Weed Bro.

Early Life Edit

Tina's early life is mostly a mystery, however, thanks to the constant clever ruses that Weed Bro pulls on Tina, little bits of info about her past experiences have been revealed to the world. Due to her relationships with the members of the Weed Bro canon, she is very likely a citizen of Cybernetic India, though whether or not she was born there remains a mystery. Tina also had a very early sex-life. At a young age, presumably around


Tina (mentioned) and Baby High Bro (?) HAVing SEX. (June 2017)

3-5 years old, she exchanged in sexual intercourse with a young child who resembled a High Bro. It is unknown if this is one of our High Bros, or just one of their species. However, this means that they do at least share the universe with Weed Bro.

Tina threw her faeces at Weed Bro, while in a classroom.

In an alternate universe, Weed Bro and Tina are Jedi. Weed Bro announces that he loves her, while in the midst of a lightsaber battle, but Tina responds by stating that she views him as a non-romantic friend. Weed Bro responds by pushing her into the path of wild beast.

Possible MarriageEdit

In the following comic it has been hinted that Tina and Sarcastic Bro have possibly been married, and that she has had a child with an unknown man, possibly Weed Bro. Details of Tina's possible marriage and her possible child are yet to be revealed. 

The only reason Tina is in a relationship is because Weed Bro tricked her into breaking up with her old boyfriend (possibly Sarcastic Bro) - a move she claims "ruined her life".


Tina gets trolled again. (June 2017)

Possible Infidelity Edit

Be like bro

Weed Bro implies the Teacher's husband is cheating on her with Tina. (July 2017)

It is insinuated in the following comic that Tina is having an affair with the Teacher's Husband. However, it is never told whether or not it is the same Tina. It is also possible that Weed Bro may be lying about Tina or is delusional, as he may be trying to shift blame or demonize her for breaking up with him.

Motorcycle Incident Edit


Tina passes away in an accident, 16 Aug 2017

On August 16th 2017, Weed Bro attempted to murder the 25 year old Tina with his motorcycle[2]. This may have been Weed Bro's way of punishing her for cheating. Miraculously, however, despite having her bones were crushed and having several open blood wounds cut into her skin, Tina managed to survive through a medical miracle, but was comatose for a five months, kept alive only through the marvels of Cybernetic Indian technology. Hope for her recovery dwindled and she was presumed dead, until November, when she miraculously regained consciousness and promptly visited Weed Bro's house in a successful ploy to make him question his sanity. Shortly afterward, she texted Weed Bro and warned him of her survival.[3]

Tina's Survival (November 2017)


References Edit


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