The Yoo Bros, also known as the High Bros, are an uncommon set of characters in the Cyber universe consisting of Dicky Yoo and Condor Yoo, of which Weed Bro is a part of. Their appearance is that of a very basic stickman, with a mouth that's a line that stretches across it's head, and red eyes, indicating their affinity for drugs. It is unknown if they are ignorant under the influence of marijuana, or just naturally stupid. they are not only addicted to marijuana, but alcohol as well, as evidenced in the comics and animated series. On June 20, 2017, it was discovered by the /r/ComedyCemetery Cyber Research Team in this reddit post that a specific High Bro's name is actually Not Guilty, because he had it legally changed to escape from court while being tried for sexual assault in a convenience store after ordering condoms.


Yoo Bro is drunk! (June 2017)

High Bros. have female counterparts known as The High Sisters. Unlike them, they have good relationships with their friends.

Recently, it has been discovered that the High Bros murder for their weed.


High Bro murders Jesus for weed. (June 2017)

In June 2017, there seems to have been a recent increase in robberies in Cybernetic India, as both the High Bros and Weed Bro have had their homes intruded. It has recently been discovered that the High Bros can fully open their eyes.

The High Bros are very polite.

One High Bro has a cat named Dickface.

Another High Bro cannot swim, due to ingesting the Devil Fruit. What the Devil Fruit is, or why it does not allow one to swim, is unknown.

The High Bros are fans of Red Bull.

Location Edit

While their location is unknown, it is often speculated to be Cybernetic India. Despite this, there are several indicators that their location is likely different, possibly even Cybernetic America. Some of these indicators include the quality of the High Bros' English, their Grammar, and their style of humor. Because of their decent English and the fact that their teacher uses the Metric System, it is possible that his location is Cybernetic Canada, UK, New Zealand, or Australia. In the animated series, High Bro and his classmates all have British Accents, suggesting that his Country of origin is indeed Cybernetic Britain.

High Bro's Father Edit

In June 2017, the High Bros' father at last made an appearance in a comic. He has the same body shape as the High Bros, except he has a straw hat, goatee, and does not have his sons' signature eyes. He views violence as the proper retaliation for theft, and tells the High Bro's to punch whoever steals lunch money from him, which results in one of them getting suspended.

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High Bro's father makes an appearance. (June 2017)


High Bro's hatred for wrestling.


High Bro and a criminal Yoo Bro exchange a giggle. (January 2018)


High Bro opens his eyes. (June 2017)


An example of High Bro's autism. (June 2017)


High Bro orders a suit for the gentleman. (June 2017)


The High Bros and the High Sisters. (Circa March 2017)


High Bro on Red Bull. (June 2017)


High Bro can't swim. (June 2017)


First(and only) appearance of High Bro's cat, Dickface. (June 2017)


The homework robber. (June 2017)

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