The Police, known as the Indian Police Service(Bhāratīya Pulis Sevā) are the law of the land of Cybernetic India. They lay down the law, and keep the region stable. They often are an antagonist to Weed Bro and other marijuana bros as marijuana is illegal in India(and one can serve up to six months in prison for usage).

In Cybernetic India, they are often inept, clueless, and prone to clever trolling. In June 2017, there have been a recent increase in home invasions, which has not alarmed the police.

Gallery Edit


Weed Bro bamboozles a cop. (June 2017)


Another officer falls victim to Weed Bro's trolling. (May 2017)


High Bro being arrested for a DUI. (February 2017)


Weed Bro trolling savagely a man of the law. (June 2017)