Sarcastic Bro's Father is the husband of Sarcastic Bro's mother and the father of Sarcastic Bro. He appears only in one comic, Where he asks Sarcastic bro what he does. Sarcastic Bro answers that he does business, To which his father asks what kind of business. Sarcastic Bro answered that it was none of his business (Although it actually a diet pill manufacturer)

Career Edit

Sarcastic Bro's Father has become a world tic-tac-toe champion, Even beating tic-tac-toe grandmaster Teacher.

He started the game with a Nero opening, Placing the X in the bottom left (centre opening is banned in competitive.) Teacher responded with placing the O in top right, The so-called "Carolingian defense". Sarcastic Bro's father then placed an X in the bottom right, Turning it into a Polish Game, And threatening to win the game by connecting his 2 X's in the bottom. Teacher committed a blunder by failing to see the danger, And instead placed an O at the top. Sarcastic Bro's father then proceeded to win the game by connecting his X's. This defeat turned Sarcastic Bro's father into the undisputed world tic-tac-toe champion, And it caused teacher to RESIGN tic-tac-toe forever.