Sarcastic Auntie was the hot titular character and main star of The Quips, Tricks, and Glitz of Sarcastic Auntie, which is set in the same universe as The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends. Like Weed Bro, Sarcastic Auntie is also the target of HATE SPEECH on /r/ComedyCemetery. She's also known to be one of the seven sages of the Church of the Dank.

Political Views Edit

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Sarcastic Auntie was a known racist, who sported a deep hatred towards east Asians, as often reflected in her sarcastic musings. The reason for this has not been revealed as of yet.

Family Edit

She has an unnamed son to an unknown father, whom she apparently treated very poorly

Sexuality Edit

She was known to be a lesbian, since, in certain comics, she is attracted to women.

Death Edit

On August 11th, 2017 She passed away for for unknown reasons,but that didn't stop her from being sarcastic.