Reddit is a link-aggregator which is known for stealing content from 9Gag and degrading it.

Most of Reddit is currently under the administration of the General Government, a Facebook occupation authority which has governed most of the website since the Invasion of Reddit, although a few holdouts controlled by the Reddit Resistance remain against the normie invasion. Prior to this, some of Reddit's subdivisions were accused of providing support to CSTO in the Second Cold War, and it has been suggested that this may have contributed to Facebook's urgency in occupying Reddit relative to many of its other conquered webzones, although others have maintained that the invasion and occupation were simply continuations of its standard expansionist policy.

Reddit's subdivisions are commonly known as subreddits, although the General Government has officially renamed them to "communities" as part of its ongoing Facebookification of Reddit in preparation for eventual annexation. One of its subreddits, /r/ComedyCemetery, is known for its role in spreading HATE SPEECH against various webcomics, including, but not limited to, The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends and the Quips, Tricks, and Glitz of Sarcastic Auntie, along with their characters.