/r/ComedyCemetery is a subreddit with over 114,000 subscribers (as of August 24th, 2017) that critiques tasteless, unfunny, or outdated memetic humor primarily over the internet. The subreddit's users primarily target failed satire or parody often coming from South Asian and occasionally Southeast Asian nations, due to their form of broken English.

It is denounced by the people that make terrible memes who believe that it is inferior due to their lack of a real sense of humour. These same people follow lesser meme pages that are a dimwit infused wasteland and represents a microscopic minority of The Cyber ,mainly escaped inmates of a correction facility. In the words of Dzokhar "Jackie"Jhatka" Jones" Juroskulev,

it is nice

S.C.H.O.O.L. enforcer:

There is no room for these people.They are insult us and still we do nothing to stop them.We never attack on them. We start the war now and kill them.

Description Edit

/r/ComedyCemetery is the basis for this Wiki, where the "lore" of the subreddit (e.g. frequently occurring characters, memes, sources, etc.) is presented for newcomers and mainstays alike to read, enjoy, and become updated.

In a nutshell, it's a subreddit for HATERS who are jealous of the South Asian incredible sense of humor and revolutionary use of the English Grammer and yhouroly hate the Divine Meme Masters inhabiting Cybernetic India.

The disrespect they have for icons like Weed Bro is intolerable

They also follow the horrible mantra of forgetting Funwaa and having Gumwaa, they're sheep to their Funwaa masters

Trivia Edit

The same people that make the terrible content try to slander /r/ComedyCemetary even to the extent of editing the wiki in propagandist ways.

If you see something in that subreddit, you automatically know that it is one of the lowest levels of content in the world.

Unfortunately, /r/ComedyCemetery has actually contributed to the amount of terrible stuff in the world, sprouting from places like /r/ComedyNecrophilia, never go as far as /r/ComedyNecromancy though, it's the worst content the world has to offer.