/r/ComedyCemetery is a subreddit known for spreading toxic HATE SPEECH about Weed Bro and his associates, including those from other webseries such as the Quips, Tricks, and Glitz of Sarcastic Auntie. They also hate on /u/dab_dan a lot.

Some notable offenders of the sub are the DISGUSTING:

/u/TrueBestKorea,their mod

/u/BasicallyADoctor,The Flairer

u/TRUMP_IS_A_CUCK_69, a prolific commentator

And other hate-filled users like: natemario64, UNSC_Luke_1021,TheGreatFanBR,and other more 70000000000000000000000000 haters.

u/hooya_loves_pepe is cool too dont leave me out :-(

also, visit r/funny

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