Psycho The Rapist, or just Psycho, is a dangerous psychotherapist who was uncovered, detected, and turned in to the police by Weed Bro. Psycho was a known criminal, infamous for 23 different accounts of rape, and up to 4 more that are theorized to have never been reported.

Life after the Rapes Edit


Weed Bro revealing a seemingly innocent psychotherapist's true identity. (June 2017)

After 23 years of being on the run, Psycho changed his name, took on a fake identity, and enrolled in college, majoring in psychotherapy. Psycho then went on to becoming a psychotherapist after receiving his bachelors. He hired Weed Bro to paint his profession on the door to his office. Little did Psycho know, Weed Bro was personally affected by Psycho's rapes, as his close friend was raped. Bro had been following clues to hunt down his location.

In a few fell strokes, Weed Bro painted Psycho's true identity on his door, and everyone who looked on finally realized who this man really was. Police were swiftly contacted, and Psycho had nowhere to run. He was arrested, and Weed Bro was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for finding the man when all of Cybernetic India's men failed.

Later life and death Edit

Psycho later managed to bribe his way out of prison, And make himself a new life in Cybernetic America. He became a powerful senator, And did many new secret rapes. However, One day he made the fatal mistake of trying to rape Natty, Who murdered him in response.