Onion Bro, named after his onion-shaped head, is a new addition to the canon.

Connection to the canon Edit

High and onion bro

Onion Bro's first appearance (Oct 2017) to the left, High Bro's dad writing his name on High Bro's report card (circa June 2017).

In Onion Bro's only known appearance, spotted on /r/ComedyCemetary on the 8th October 2017, Onion Bro asks his dad if he can write in the dark. Onion Bro's dad claims he can write in the dark and to prove it, Onion Bro asks if he can sign his report.

Onion Bro's connection to the lore is through his father, which looks to be High Bro's Father. His only appearance has happend to the High Bros, which questions if Onion Bro is actually related to the canon or it just the regular repetition in the Cyber.

Assuming Onion Bro's existence is canonical, it can be inferred that Onion Bro is the half-brother of High Bro, born of another mother. He is likely the spawn on High Bro's father and an onion, resulting in a human-onion hybrid. Scientists are still trying to determine how this is biologically possible.