"Do you even know me? Who I am, what I do? I am the Meme Master. Every day I browse Reddit, /v/, /a/, /b/, and even Tumblr searching for the best and brightest of what the meme counters can offer. And when I find a good one, I bring it to the forefront. People listen to me, they listen to my memes. They copy my memes. I am the Meme Creator. I start memes. I end memes. The meme stops here, folks. I determine who memes and who dies around here, so get used to it. Have you ever heard of "Meme Supreme?" Of course you haven't. Do you know why Yugi holds the five of diamonds? Do you know the significance of the word "Jokes?" All you heathens with your "Damn, Daniel"s have never scratched the surface of the memecore lifestyle that I and my closest inner circle lead. Whereas you simply copy memes, I am plugged directly through my cerebral cortex into the central meme database, the core of all meme magic. The source of my power is all around you. I am the Meme Master."


Meme Masters are the denizens of the Universe that have mastered the art of Meme Magic. Closely related to Master Trolls.


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