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The following is a list of nations known to exist on the Cyber. While the Cyber is mostly normie-infested wastelands, caused by great meme wars which ravaged the lands of their dankness, nations still thrive in these dark cringeworthy times.

9Gag, The land of good memes.

Channel 4, The land of bad memes.

Reddit, The land of reposts

/r/ComedyCemetery, The land of HATE SPEECH

Wikipedia, The land of wisdom

Cybernetic India, The land of Weed Bro himself


Cybernetic Pakistan, The evil clone of Cybernetic india

Cybernetic America, The land of no free healthcare but also going to the moon

United States of B, The land of mildly unfunny puns.

Cybernetic Russia, The land of school shooters.

Democratic People's Socialist Republic of California, The land of funny gulag memes.

Cybernetic Japan, The land of good anime (Only dragon ball z none of that dumb one piece shit)

Imagi Nation

Jamaica, My land!


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