The Enigmatic Figure Edit

Hot lady, is, of course, a hot lady who's only appearance was in the comic:

when she was SAVAGELY TROLLED by Sarcastic Bro. Sarcastic Bro approached Hot Lady and complimented her on her looks, prompting her to humbly decline, which Sarcastic Bro responded by complimenting her intelligence as well.

Controversy Edit

After the decline by Hot Lady, Sarcastic Bro complimented her intelligence as well. Her intelligence was/is derived from her observation at her lack of intelligence, meaning her beauty and intelligence cannot coincide. Some claim this is a flaw in Sarcastic Bro's roasting.

They have been executed by a firing squad.

Possible Disease Edit

Expert Meme Anelysists have deduced a strange quirk in Hot Lady; her eyes. A cursory inspection will show that her eyes appear to be crossed, leading to some to deduce that Hot Lady suffers from Strabismus, making it even more savage for Weed Bro to roast her, creating a counterculture to progressively more wholesome Sarcastic Bro(assuming Sarcastic Bro and Wholesome Bro are not separate entities, a theory adressed in the Wholesome Bro page)

Possible Death Edit

As we know, the roasting of Sarcastic Bro can incur many side effects, such as RESIGNATION and SUICIDE ATTEMPTS in cases such as Teacher, those roasted can resign without further consequence,(seen as Teacher has been roasted on many occasions and is still alive in Weed Bro canon), it is unknown if Hot Lady has resigned from her job(if she had one) or simply died, as she has not been seen since the afforementioned SAVAGE ROAST.

do hot lady smonk w33d Edit


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