Not to be confused with Gumwaa or Funwaa.

The elite group known as Gumcels (Involuntarily Gumwaa) were a group of individuals that the civilization of Funwaa will not come to, those who still remember Gumwaa. This goes against Funwaa's slogan "Forget Gumwaa, Have Funwaa" and thus they are despised and hated by the Funwaa masses.

Description Edit

The Gumcels are considered the last bastion of hope for Gumwaa living on despite Funwaa. Their cyber presence is on Reddit and in a smaller form on Discord. Their Reddit presence is on /r/Gumcels[1].

Subreddit Edit

The whole group is organized and run by user /u/ganggxnggvng[2], who is the leader of the Gumcels, however, there are around 20 other mods:

  • /u/Piffinatour 
  • /u/pjguy2000 
  • /u/JoesAlot 
  • /u/GamingWizard1
  • /u/huw_2_redit (In the moderator list, however is not mod after being temporarily suspended from reddit) 
  • /u/TheRealShadowWolf
  • /u/kirbizia
  • /u/nan_slack 
  • /u/winning_is4_losers
  • /u/genericandhere
  • /u/WhosCountin
  • /u/Hyperbolics
  • /u/Genericandhere
  • /u/misskamidere
  • /u/chamington
  • /u/_radical_kiwi_
  • /u/murpple
  • /u/GreasyAvacado
  • /u/ZachAttrax
  • /u/DarkTails37
  • /u/KingDingusDongus
  • /u/baranxlr
  • /u/xXfuccboi42069Xx

One of the mods and prominent poster is Piffinatour[3] the self-professed "Voice of Gumwaa" appears to have lead an attack on /r/ComedyCemetery, in the form of a shooting[4], for their pro-Funwaa, anti-Gumwaa bias. No information is known about how the attack played out. They crusade against "funwaa, funcels, stacywaas, chadwaas and roastwaas", all of which represent Funwaa to them.

Sidebar Edit

Their sidebar is as follows:[5]

Funwaa is actually bad. We are here to Gumwaa Pill you because Funwaa bad xd

Funwaa will not come to us so we hate Funwaa


Beginner-friendly guide to our culture. (link to their subreddit-based wiki)




Enemies: (ReEeEeEeEeEeE)




r/ComedyCemetery (controversial because there are enemy and friend factions within it)


our discord:


Discord Edit

The Gumcels have an organized Discord[6]. In it there's some of the moderators from the Reddit[5], as well as frequent posters from the subreddit. The owner of it is @autist, and the moderators are @celeste, @kirbizia and @murpple(May he rest in peace, as he left). The Discord has two "rules" channels, and the #actual_rules one is fake. It's a trick for Funwaa baiters. The #rules_for_seniors channel is the legitimate one.

Rules Edit

(Organized in chronological order)

1) No NSFW anywhere except in #nsfw, you will be banned

3) Don't forget Gumwaa

4) Forget Funwaa

5) have gumwaa

6) No normiewaas REEEEEEEEEEEE

7) Don't ask what happened to rule 2

8) what is this channel

9) Don't make rules that aren't rules

10) Keep spam to a minimum

11) Don't doxx, harass, or generally be an asshole

12) If there are people self-botting(Telling you to join another server as soon as you join this one or similar actions) let the moderator team know please. It's against discord's ToS and you can get banned for it.

13) rule 11 doesnt count if its like REALLY funny

14) rule 13 is right

15) rule 14 is right about rule 13

16) xD

17) furries are not only allowed, but encouraged

18.) Please don't ever say "Funwaa"

19) mods are allowed to shitpost in #rules-for-seniors

19) Defending the hakcer 4chan will get you banned

20) Don't question why there are two rule 19s

21) the cake is a lie

21. ) NO gore, posting such will get you banned.

24) I-i-i am your little butterfly

23) i turned myself into a pickle moryt

24) I'm pickle riiiiiiick

26)my name fred


24) /r/ComedyCemetery is our mortal enemy, avoid them

24) Our mascot is named Gumwaaluigi, so you can stop asking

2072) scan my legit qr codes

2073) wanna join my free gift card giveaway?

2074) Please always TRIGGER DUMB FEMINISTS thank you

your mom) my dick is very larg stop asking!!!!!!!!!!!

my dick is very larg stop asking!!!!!!!!!!!) your mom

0) no

8=====) shit up NORMY

-1) *normiewaa

53.25) Racys Maro is bad

-2) I can't afford minecraft

-3) dumb racist mario owned like and share

-4) mods ban @huw

-5) no

-6) The mods still don't know how to set up permissions

-7) no permissions

-8) rule -7 is right

-9) rule -8 is right about rule -7

-10) xD

-11) Harambe only



-12) No ded meem

-13) No alive meem

-14) undead meem? perfectly fine


666) hail gumwaa!

64) No being a meanie

69) this is funny cuz 69 lol

70) no pennis jokess

71) All members must be name jeff

82) no @kirbizia

83) anime was a mistake

84) anime is either good or bad depending on the opinion of each individual and both opinions are acceptable

87) don't respect one anothers opinions

8?) anime was a mistake but that doesn't imply it's bad

90) mistakes are good, i was one and so were you

91) go green or die

92) disregard rule 91

93) disregard rule 92

94) xD

95) The proper formatting for a rule is [number])

i do what i want xD (96

97) STOP

98) if you can tell me what the thing is in the cage behind marie’s cabin ill give you a dollar

99) It's donkey kong

100) okay whats ur paypal


102) sent

103) enjoy ur dollar ms clinton

104) Thank you I will

105) if you dont have a tin foil beret get out

106) Chadwaas btfo

107) pwease no steppy

108) i am the chief gumcel

109) any negative opinions about me will be removed and incinerated

110) dab

111) any challengers to the chief gumcel position must challenge @ganggxnggvng to a gum-off

112) new hand moves

113) cool clothes

114) what up big pimps

114) + attitube

115) watch guru cool



119) what happened to rule 117

117) im right here fam

120) 117 is a f_nwaa cursed number

121) yes

122) shart in silk pants is ALWAYS funny

123) 456

124) @Amacer_ is a faggot

125) @Erotic Fiction: The Superhero is also a faggot

126) @/u/ZachAttrax is also also a faggot

127) @celeste💙 is also a faggot

128) We’re all faggots on this blessed day

129) it's not gay if they're wearing a skirt. No exceptions.

130) I mean, duh

145) Traps are gay

131) fuck you

169) you're wrong

145) traps are gay but i'd still hit it

133) ngl I found out I was bisexual from traps

137) Transformers made me gay

138) trump is not my president

139) no more furry vore

140) damn

141) what about regular vore

142) its ok. just no more furries

143) its polluting my porn experience and im mad about it

144) Just learn to accept it

145) no more furry vore still

145) Enjoy all porn always

145) tasteful furry is accepted

146) haha get it? tasteful

146) if your favorite flavour of popsicle isnt dick then just fucking die already

147) I made Assigned Male vore once

148) g o o d

149) no swearing on this christian server

150) They swear in the bible

151) you can only say those swear words now

152) Hell, damn, ass, whore

153) nevermind that was a stupid rule anyways

154) all religions are stupid

155) except my one

156) sky spook

who the fuck deleted my rule

157) the sky spook did. twas against it's rules

158) ur gay

159) the outsiders is gay

160) no u

160) sorry susan theyre all gay

162) dont steal my number fucker

161) die cuck

163) ass

164) my name fred

162) u probably like stacywaa

165) burps shithead



168) NEIL

169) BREEN

169) ME

170) cock blocked

169) SEX NUMBER!!!!


172) 14 year old kid voice XD

1832) We have enough dragon and furry porn can have real porn for once

173) be careful what you wish for

174-180) please

181) butt

182) butt pron in #nsfw

184) traps are gay

183) you missed a spot

185) sploon

186) gay dragons best dragons

187) only good dragon is a DEAD dragon

188) plz dont sexualize dragons

189) plz sexualize Dragons

189b) sexualize dragons but only if they're gay or really hot

190) Why the fuck do we have so many scalies?

191) don't ask questions

192) just embrace the gumwaa

193) join the discord

194) I'm not a scaly

195) Im just a faggot

196) ok

197) oh so u must be a r/dankmemes mod

198) bazinga

199) Whoops I meant [B]azinga

269) i control the numers to ecome 69 xd

6969) try me bitch

42069) eggsdee

rule #93402748910274 do not insult anime

1) let's start over

∞) no

2)ignore rule 1

-1) other way then

-2) we already did tha

-2) every rule is -2

-)69 jesusus fuckfijg christt

-(rule34 am I doing it right?

3) i deleted the other -2

-2) leddit is cancer

: ) fuck off



-139) got em

i) This is what happens when you browse le leddit and smonk 1 weeds

2i) you die

-141) 69 X -2 = -138

3) that's the joke

-2) dont have sex or mushrooms will come out of your ass

0) restart

1) forget funwaa

2) no scalies or furries

3) throw out murpple

4) throw all of you out if you argue

5) bithc

6) hey girl, do you have a bandage

6) bithc

7) dox yourselves

7) because I scraped my knee falling for you

8) bbbbbbb

1) fuck

2) you

2) ass

3)chadwaa xd

3) just delete this channel

5) are you trash cuz I wanna take you out

4) no

3) why not



we have lift off

0) houston we have a problem

5) @Erotic Fiction: The Superhero u cant throw me out i fuccin made this place what it is

6) i created so i can do what i want with my power

7) I'm gonna make dragon futa girls

8) and nobody can stop me

9) except me if you post outside of #nsfw friend

11) Uhhhhhhhh

10) hmmmmmm

12) 9 then 11 xdd

13) If I'm Jewish

14) fact: Jews did 9-11

15) proven

12) any sexual or scalie shit outside of #nsfw will be removed and you will get a strike

17) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

18) also please dont make any waaluigi porn

19) hey that gives me an idea

20) owo notices pencil and paper

21) what's dis??

22) someone already suggested it thats why i said it

23) im tired

24) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

25) mudpants

26) curettage

27) i love your milk tankers

28) billy and mandy r34

29) very nice boos i fickle you

30) xD

31) what means sex


34) damn straight

1,000,000) what the fukc

91) delete this message if chadwaas are superior to gumcels

98) all rules posted by chadwaas are void

99) rules posted by mods take precedence

take that chadwaa @chadwaa #2

100) make your rules take precedence if chadwaas are superior to gumcels

101) refer to rule 98

103) UPVOT rule ifchadwaas=gay

105) Stacywaas put their vagina in chadwaas

106) bathtub fart

107) don't put chat in #rules-for-seniors

108) don't retroactively punish people for rules that didn't exist yet

109) :^)

110) You are my friend

111) Aa, ano hi no yume

112) Ima demo mada wasuretenain deshou?

113) You are my dream

114) Aa, hajimata bakka

115) Kimi wa my long lost friend

116) Whoa, ima tabidatsu yo!

117) Every day, kono saki mo shine de

118) Kawarazu singin

119) Hikaru asa no smile

120) Kore de miosame no fun days

121) To be the future, mezashita take over

122) Kokoro no dream on!

123) I'll go the distance

124) Mihatteru sora so full

125) Norikonda starting

126) Kore ga saigo no forever trip!

127) You are my friend,

128) Aa, ano hi no yume

129) Ima demo mada wasuretenain deshou?

130) You are my dream

131) Aa, hajimete bakka

132) Kimi wa my long lost friend

133) Whoa, ima tabidatsu yo!

134) Thank you my friend

135) Aa, ano hi no koto

136) Ima demo mada oboeteru kara

137) You are my dream

138) Aa, mou kondo koso mamoru my way

139) Whoa The Distance!


139) dragons are hot af

140) no

141) ok good

142) gumcels gay and delete this if true

143) refer to rule 98

144) gumcels are NOT gay

145) gumcels are not gay

146) also refer to rule 98

147) No, it means you might as well have not said anything at all

148) That doesn't necessarily make something right or wrong

149) hrm, sorry didn't hear that too busy fucking your dadwaa

150) jokes on you, my dadwaa's dead

151) oh

152) oh no

153) OH NO

154) oh yes.

155) shut the fuck up you cunts im trying to sleep

156) say that again and i'll make your pussy explode

157) im a ghost. you killed me. plus i have no actual pussy

158) any hole is a goal

159) i have no holes anywhere on my body

160) i am a completely spherical being

161) even better

162) i also do not physically exist on any physical plane. neither spiritual or mortal or astral.

163) scranguloid

164) Peterick is God


166) benis

167) its hip to fuck bees

168) pretend to care who i am

169) me me big boy

170) also traps are gay

69) i sexed ur mom kid

70) dad?

70) im not dad im huw i sex all the mom<z

70) huw is all the dads?

70) i'm not a 12 year old call of duty player im actually 13 check your privledse


72) itchy penis

73) always booyah back

74) sell crack

75) dont fucking squid party during the waves in salmon run

16) time is real


16) yeah okay

666) hail satan

420) they talked about weed in bio today

421) Ayy lmao

422) eww biology

423) yay bio

424) i want food

bbb) how weed in hole for fun

425) actually literally die

∞ ) yeah can i get uhhhhh

1) why hasn't this channel been deleted

2) penise lol

3) Cool ranks are reserved for people who are COOL AND AWESOME like me

900) were starting here now and counting down

899) please let this be a normal field trip

898) no fuck you

897) ill never let you have a normal field trip

896) hongry

897) This emoji is definitely useful

234) no colored folk

335) rickle pick

236) only rich and moby fans

433843) Stri_ed is stupid xD

24) roger dodger

#) The rule below is hella gay

&) i'm in love with the rule above

$) lol I said so lol

123) lmao he called it

&) ampersand

1] no

2]dank meme vine compilation August Edition #4

1) get out of here chris

2) never

3) why do you hate chris?

1) the shoe: it's gray and teal


2) <3

3) only bad porn in #nsfw no good hq porn

4) burps fuck you

War Edit

On 16 - 24 October, 2017, The Gumcels fought the Eight-Day War with /r/ComedyCemeteryLore

End of the Gumcels Edit

On July 2nd, 2018 the Gumcels disbanded[7]. They said that the Funwaa had also ceased to exist, Which is partially true, Since the Battle of the Funwaa base had greatly weakened Funwaa - But the Damage is not as severe as they claim. The Funwaa flag is tattered but still flying.

References Edit

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