The official Seal of the Funwaa

The Funwaa is an advanced ancient interdimensional cybernetic civilisation on the Cyber. Thousands of years ago the Funwaa fought a 1000 year long war against the intergalactic alien race known as the Gumwaa. Funwaa was victorious, but the memories of Gunwaa would still live on. The Funwaa enacted the policy of "Forget Gumwaa have Funwaa" so it could be erased from living memory. This policy was largely successful, but a splinter group, Gumcels, has managed to survive the great purges of the Funwaa and thus still remember the Gunwaa.

The Funwaa is the most advanced civilisation known to man, being based near Cybernetic India. This is reflected through the content meme scholars are studying, as they have reached such a complex humour not understandable to the Cyber's greatests minds.

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