The official Seal of the Funwaa

The Funwaa is an advanced ancient interdimensional cybernetic race, god, way of life, and emotion on the Cyber. Eons ago the Funwaa fought a 1000 year long war against the intergalactic alien race known as the Gumwaa. Funwaa was victorious, but the memories of Gumwaa would still live on. The Funwaa enacted the policy of "Forget Gumwaa have Funwaa" so it could be erased from living memory. This policy was largely successful, but a splinter group, Gumcels, has managed to survive the great purges of the Funwaa and thus still remember the Gumwaa.

The official flag of the Funwaa

The Funwaa is the most advanced emotion known to man, being found near Cybernetic India. This is reflected through the content meme scholars are studying, as they have reached such a complex humour not understandable to the Cyber's greatests minds.

Their current followers are known as Funcels, who's soul purpose is to only remember Funwaa so the Funwaa can return and finally destroy Gumwaa forever.

However In may 2018, a superior comedic being known as Thanos wanted balance in the universe, so he took about 21 stones representing Meme masters, stonerism and 2018 memes despite attempts to avert his rise by Starkastic Bro( the Useless RDJ seen making comments on many r/comedycemetery posts) and the Avengers, Thanos won, mostly due to a Reddit faction called Thanos did nothing wrong. Thanos then simply snapped his fingers, bringing an end to all the Waas in the cyber and effectively freeing the lore from high effort shitposts, all future Funwaa Gumwaa battles were relegated to the past and now the Cyber enjoys a newfound comedic peace.