"Ecce Retardant"

— /r/ComedyCemetery specialist /u/UNSC_Luke_1021

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Bro, also referred to as simply FAS Bro, is a newly sighted character in the WB universe. It was first sighted on 4/24/17 by reddit user /u/odspot. Not much is known about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Bro, and it is unknown if he is high or not.

He gets his name from his physical appearance of being a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome. He shares certain traits, such as small eyes, a short nose, a weak chin and a small head, with real-life victims of fetal alcohol syndrome. It is also speculated that usage of medical marijuana helps ease the more active symptoms of FAS.

FAS Bro has disconnected and deactivated all of his social media, Moved from India and started a new life on the Himalayan area. Although his ways to avoid social media were radical and extreme, carrier pidgeons, to his avail, found him just to later reveal friends that care about him have tagged him in a meme. The meme and the platform that is hosted on are both unkwown but it's possible that the platform allows the delivery of carrier pidgeons as a way of notification.