Derpina was a woman who lived on the Cyber and starred as one of the central Rages. She was the founder and the president of CONGO in 1960 before it was colonized by Funwaa forces. She died May 23, 2017 A.D. (according to the Gregorian Calendar) at the hands of Roger after being reported to the Normie Elimination Task Force by Weed Dude for being an illegal Normie in Cybernetic Indian territory.

Biography Edit

Her name being derived from her male counterpart Derp, Derpina began appearing in Rage Comics as early as in 2010 according to Third Dimension calendars. One of her first documented appears in a Rage Comic was posted in a “Memes of [evil] 4chan” thread on the PokerStrategy forums in February 2011.

Towards the end of February 2011, comics featuring Derpina were posted on Tumblr and FunnyJunk (a client state of the 9Gaganese Empire) and in March 2011, Derpina made her first appearance in a comic on Memebase (another one of 9Gag's client states). In June 2011, Derpina was first added to Urban Dictionary and the first Facebook fan page (similar to a Weed Bro page) for her was established.

Death Edit

On the 23 of May, 2017, Derpina was most likely rekt after she was shot in the forehead by Roger the Sniper. This happened because (according to sources) she didn't screw the lid back onto the toothpaste capsule. You know who does that? A synth. Weed Dude came to his senses and called Roger to kill her to cleanse the Cyber of her insolence.