Cybernetic Pakistan refers to the regions of Pakistan located within the Cyber, both the ones that are part of Pakistan proper and those that are simply occupied territory.


In the 420 CE, the first records were made in what would become Pakistan. Adonis Odysseus Onassus, an Indian historian of Greek parentage decided to make records. It is due to these records we know what happened in Pakistan in the pre classical and classical era.

Neanderthal ColonizationEdit

Cybernetic Pakistan was colonized by the last Neanderthals, fleeing Europe. Some of them remain today but most emigrated to Cybernetic India after its independence. A few remain in Cybernetic Pakistan, Foreign Dictator Bro's parents included. Then, nothing I care about happens for the time being.

British EmpireEdit

At some point of time Pakistan was a part of the British Empire and struggled for independence. Pakistan's independence did not begin as smoothly as India's. The British Empire believed that an independent Pakistan would inevitably turn communist. In 1972, The Soviet Union and China had restored relations (undoing the Sino-Soviet split), And decided to start a joint invasion of India, Starting the Great Indian War, Which ended in a communist victory, And created a communist Pakistan, A valuable new soviet ally.

Fortunes would not, However, Last indefinitely. In 1991 the Soviet union collapsed, Ending the cold war. Without this valuable economic partner, Pakistan started to decline economically. In 1999, it lost the Kargil war against india after suffering numerous embarrassing defeats. (In one report, One sniper managed to defeat a corps of 25 Pakistani soldiers singlehandedly. He then climbed on a burning tank destroyer and employed its machine gun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to Pakistani fire from three sides, but he killed dozens of Pakistani and caused their infantry attack to waver. The enemy tanks, losing infantry support, began to fall back. Most Pakistani and some Indian scholars regard this as a hoax).

Pakistan would resurge in Cold War II, Where it received newfound support from a resurgent russia. Pakistan would back various terrorist organizations raiding India, Including the infamous S.C.H.O.O.L

During September 2017, Pakistan's history would take a turn for the worse. The new president, Mamnoon Hussain, started shifting sympathies towards the west, And was attracting quite some popular support. Upon seeing this, Vladimir Putin invaded Pakistan jointly with Russia's puppet, Afghanistan.

Pakistan's defenses were mainly built for fighting India, And it could not withstand the invasion from it's rear. Within 5 days, Pakistan capitulated.

The war was a phenomenal success for CSTO, And Mamnoon Hussain was replaced with a brutal dictator.

However, this dictator was assassinated by Weed bro's left hand and the hand became the new dictator. The hand also adopted the first official flag of Cybernetic Pakistan, with Arabic script saying "hail to the left hand".

After Weed Bro’s death, his arm crawled off and now leads Cybernetic Pakistan for good. It is unknown if this will change.