Cybernetic India refers to the regions of India located within the Cyber, both the ones that are part of India proper and those that are simply occupied territory. There is a broad consensus among scholars that Cybernetic India is the birthplace of many of the Cyber's most legendary characters, including Weed Bro and his brother Sarcastic Bro. Apart from these savage meme masters, Cybernetic India is home to other legendary people, including Gajodhar and several others.

Cybernetic India is home to an obscure terrorist group known as the S.C.H.O.O.L. of which Weed Bro and his father are members that is attempting to overthrow the Cybernetic Indian government and replace it with a revolutionary memearchist dictatorship. As of 1 A.F. (2017 C.E.) another obscure organization called R.V.C.J. (colloquially called RVCJ) has been allegedly organizing minor Meme Masters (supposedly trafficked from the Third Dimension and converted into stick figures or rage faces or pictures of residents of the Third Dimension) and, through large doses of Meme Magic, turning them into a new generation of Meme Masters ready to troll the Cyber. Meme scholars have established that the RVCJ organization was founded in 2010 but, like Adam Ellis any direct connections to Weed Bro remain strictly speculative.

Cybernetic India is a wild, unpredictable country. Morals, rules, and even the laws of physics are RESIGNED on a daily basis. When asked why relationships in Cybernetic India are so often destroyed by strange, violent events often left uninvestigated by police, the use of huge amounts of illegal drugs, or scathing wit, the simplest answer is that Cybernetic India is actually a futuristic hegemony ruled by a cruel, technologically superior superpower called Funwaa.

History Edit

Memes and Meme Masters are believed by most scholars to have inhabited Cybernetic India for 30 000 years. In 326 BC, Alexander the Memer invaded Cybernetic India. He was believed to be the greatest troll the world had ever seen, But King Porus sought to defeat Alexander and expel him from india forever. However, With a great dose of Meme Magic, Alexander won.

Then nothing that i care about happens for the time being. ( Some special events such as the Meme Mystics coming into prominence. One such meme mystic Sarakastika Chandalara taught a random Indian Prince named Siddharth "$id Tha Savege" Rajakumaracharya the way of the memes. It is known that $id was mentally disturbed after seeing the fallacy of the Normie way of life and attained Nirvana after being taught trolling and Dankness. It is to be noted that though Sarakastika Chandalara sounds similar to Sarcastic Chandler they bear no relation. However countless other special events occurred since then and even before the Buddha which an actual Weed Bro expert will recall. Let's end it here for now)

At some undetermined point in time, India became part of the Cybernetic British Empire. The Indians were very opressed and all that stuff, Until they decided they had enough. On 26 January 1950, The President of Cybernetic India sent a letter to the British Empire; Titled "British Raj RESIGNED" it announced that india would now be Independent. King George VI didn't really care, He was fapping to hentai.

Later, The Prime minister of Britain agreed to allow India to become independent, Under the condition that the communist Pakistanis not be given independence as well (Due to the Cold war).

The decision to not give Pakistan independence was a seed for problems. By the 1970s, The ethnic tensions had gotten so dire that it blew up into an all-out war.

In January 1972, The Great Indian War had started. Soviet and Chinese forces, Now have reconciled the Sino-Soviet split, jointly invaded India and started a brutal 10 month campaign to pacify India. India would not give up Pakistan easily and employed a special militia, The Normie Elimination Task Force, To eliminate key Pakistani targets. By march, India was forced to move its capital, New delhi, To Indore. Over the months, It had to slowly retreat, Giving up more and more Territory, Until November, Where they finally surrendered and gave up pakistan.

Conflict did not end with 1972 however. In 1999 Cybernetic Pakistan had started the Kargil war against India to claim more territory. However, Pakistan had made a crucial mistake in planning the war: Despite correctly assessing numerical superiority, They failed to realize that their arm were outdated compared the Indian arms, And they quickly began losing. In one report, One sniper managed to defeat a corps of 25 Pakistani soldiers singlehandedly. He then climbed on a burning tank destroyer and employed its machine gun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to Pakistani fire from three sides, but he killed dozens of Pakistani and caused their infantry attack to waver. The enemy tanks, losing infantry support, began to fall back. (Most Pakistani and some Indian scholars regard this as a hoax)

After Pakistan had been defeated, Most Indians believed that India would never see conflict again. These hopes were dashed when Cold War II caused Pakistan to resurge economically.

By the 2010s, India saw itself facing S.C.H.O.O.L. which was backed by Pakistan.

Military Edit

The Indian Armed forces are currently the primary opponent of S.C.H.O.O.L.. It contains 1.4 million soldiers as of 2017. A notable part of it is the Normie Elimination Task Force, purportedly dedicated to the preservation of dankness.

Violence Edit


Gunshots over a breakup. (September 2017)

Cybernetic India is a very violent place. So much as a minor comment calling someone ugly can escalate to violence.

Economy Edit

Cybernetic India suffers from an unemployment crisis due to the extremely low level of public education in the webzone caused by endemic problems in its school system, causing major problems for all companies not utilizing dankness. This is worsened by the frequency of workers, especially teachers, to spontaneously resign following an encounter with a Meme Master or Master Troll and subsequently be unable to find employment, although some, such as the Teacher, are consistently rehired in an attempt to compensate for the chronic shortage of teachers.

Despite the problems with most sectors of the economy, sectors using dankness have remained largely successful, as seen in the webzone's production of rage comics, which is the highest in the Cyber, and the regular use Troll Science, due to neither industry requiring a conventional education, although some fear the ongoing rise of normieism in the webzone could jeopardize this.

Culture Edit

Cybernetic India is considered one of the most backward places in all of The Cyber[1]. Marriage[2], Feminism (And by extension Feminazism)[3] remain major cultural taboos, and incest is widely practiced[4]. Despite all these things, It is considered entirely okay to be transgender[5].

Education Edit

Cybernetic India's populace is consistently rated as one of the worst educated in the entire Cyber, due in large part to serious flaws in its schooling system, and several of its adults, including Tina and Sarcastic Bro, are still in high school. As a result, most Cybernetic Indians have severe misconceptions regarding basic science and geography and depend on Troll Science to survive, and most of their inventions also rely on its use, a notable example being Weed Bro's bullet-redirecting magnetic helmet, which could not function without Troll Science due to the fact that bullets are made of lead. This is threatened by the purported ongoing normieification of Cybernetic India.

In the Cybernetic India's schooling system, a single teacher instructs a class of several pupils in various subjects including history, math, geography, and science. It is famous across the Universe for the tendency of its teachers to resign. The system suffers from severe flaws including frequent disruptions in classes, a chronic shortage of teachers due to their tendency to promptly resign after being trolled by Meme Masters, and disinterest among students partially caused by the widespread use of corporal punishment by teachers. Due to these flaws, a large number of Cybernetic Indian adults have not graduated from high school and in some cases even elementary school, causing severe problems for the webzone's economy. In an attempt to mitigate this, passing a test in the webzone only requires 30%[6], but graduation rates remain low.

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