God is the the primary governor of the Cyber assigned by Funwaa, maker of Cybernetic Heaven and Cybernetic Earth, and a good friend of Weed Bro. On the Cyber, he is known to exist and frequently communicate with people (or possibly just Weed Bro), something his counterpart in the Third Dimension tends to avoid. He dons white robing, light skin, and long, pure white facial and cranial hair. He is able to do anything, except making a burrito to hot for him to hold. On the Cyber, however, he is not omniscient, as he did not know what Weed Bro would do if sent back in time. This led to the death of Sir Isaac Newton.

According to an account by Weed Bro, religion is also different in his dimension. He believes that love should be a religion. However, due to the shallow nature of the women in Cyber, it appears that the atheistic population is higher than in the Third Dimension. The Teacher also appears to be an atheist and got into an argument with Sarcastic Bro about God's existence.


Weed Bro on race, religion, and two children. (June 2017)

Atheistic Teacher

Teacher, Mohammed, and God (mentioned). (June 2017)

Weed Bro also believes in God, but not because he actually saw the guy, but because he HAVE SEX with a girl and she screamed the Lord's name whilst doing so.


Bro's reasoning for the existence of a deity. (Date Unknown)

Cybernetic God appears to be corrupt as he probably let Weed Bro go to heaven and has strict parameters for entering heaven. He sends all those who laugh at 9/11 memes straight to hell[1]. Which is the reason The WTF Guy abstains from enjoying blasphemous memes and probably has a seat from heaven booked for him.

Cybernetic God also enjoys punished people in Cybernetic Heaven for no reason as he thinks it is funny. He forces everyone to study and take tests as he enjoys stressing other people out. This could be because he has mercy on bad people by letting them go to heaven, but also punishing them at the same time.

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We here at the Wiki have not received a copy of the Weed Bro Bible, despite our numerous attempts to get our hands on one, so we don't have much to go off of in terms of God's actions, only his antics with our man of weed.

He is slightly corrupt as he enjoys punishing people by making them study for tests.

God appears to be naïve, foolishly sending Bro back in time and inadvertently changing the laws of the universe.

Despite this, God is trustworthy, as he trusted Weed Bro.

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