Cool Bro is an enigmatic figure first spotted in the Weedbro canon in early May 2017. He appears to be a forward-facing, higher quality version of Sarcastic Bro. He is very rare and only appears in two or three comics. He has no known relations with any of the main characters in the Weedbro canon.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Cool Bro - even his true name is shrouded in mystery. However, his appearance and demeanor appear to be heavily influenced by the prolific Sarcastic Bro. There is no confirmed relation between the two, and they have yet to meet.

Appearance in the CanonEdit

Cool Bro, much like other bros such as Rockin' Hair Bro, is thought to be a 'one-hit wonder'; that is, he only appears in one to four comics and is not seen in the official Weedbro canon again. This may or may not change, since Cool Bro is a fairly new character and no accurate judgement can be made at this point in time.

Cool Bro Keeps School Clean

Cool Bro flaunting his witty humor shortly before his teacher's unexpected resignation

Cool Bro, like Weed Bro and Sarcastic Bro, has a penchant for enraging school teachers with his laser-sharp wit. It is generally assumed that these antics have led to at least one resignation in the educational field, likely many more than that.

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