Chuck norris is an epic guy who can do lots of cool things. His story will be told entirely in cropped chuck norris memes courtesy of /r/CroppedNorrisJokes

Beliefs Edit

Chuck1 Beliefs Periodic Table

Chuck on the Periodic table

Chuck2 Beliefs Masturbation

Chuck on masturbation

Chuck3 Beliefs Titanic

Chuck on the sinking of the RMS titanic

Chuck4 Beliefs GlobalWarming

Chuck on global warming

Early Life Edit

Chuck5 EarlyLife Pets

Chuck recalls his childhood animals

Chuck6 EarlyLife Injuries

Chuck recalls injuries

Chuck7 EarlyLife Farts

Chuck recalls his Flatulence

Chuck8 EarlyLife Feats

Chuck names his biggest feats

Education Edit

Chuck9 Education Grammar

Chuck recalls troubles with learning grammar

Chuck10 Education Dictionary

Chuck approves using dictionaries to learn grammar

Life as a gamer


Chuck11 Interaction Pokemon

Chuck was a true pokemon master

Personal life Edit

Chuck12 Appatite

Chuck reveals his favourite food.

Chuck13 Feats

Chuck has many other interests

Career Edit

Chuck14 Feats

Chuck proudly talks about his biggest feat

Betrayal Edit

Chuck15 Betrayal

Chuck is stunned about what his daughter had done

Becoming a Terrorist Edit

Chuck16 MilitantAttack

Norris turns to jihad

Life as a radical militant in Egypt Edit

Chuck17 MilitantLife1

Chuck reflects on his lack of hygiene while being a militant in egypt.

Chuck18 MilitantLife

Chuck reflects on how he used to hunt

Chuck19 Fire

Chuck learnt how to make a fire

Chuck20 MeatHunting

Chuck preferred rare meat.

Infection and arrestEdit

Chuck21 SnakeIncident
Chuck22 Arrest

Subsequent mental health problems Edit

Chuck23 Fear

Chuck thinks about bill gates. They both live in constant fear.

Chuck24 Toilet

Chuck25 Sleep

Death Edit

Chuck26 Suicide

Chuck commits suicide

Chuck27 LastMoments

Chuck's final moments

Legacy Edit

Chuck28 Legacy