The true identity of Asshead is unknown. He is a bald man whose head bares a striking and unfortunate resemblance to a voluptuous female behind. He also harbors a deep enjoyment for nearly fully submerging himself in bodies of water.

The top of his head is frequently and understandably mistaken for someone's rear-end when he is submerged, misleading people into wanting to "tap" it. (literally lightly smack it with their hand.)

Zam zaddy

Asshead being accosted by an aroused swimmer. (August 2017)

Given the combination of his bizarre swimming habits and his misshapen head, one would be forgiven for assuming that he intentionally puts himself in these situations; although he appears to be angered by other swimmers touching his head against his will.

There has only been one appearance of Asshead to date, and it is not likely that he will appear again. He has no direct connection to the Weed Bro canon, although they are possibly related given the shared obnoxious textboxes.

Asshead has no known relation to Dickface.