9Gag is a website known for being the world's most efficient normie-memes producer. Various communities, including Reddit and 4chan despise 9Gag because its sense of humor. They have an army of their own, known as Le 9Gag Army, who defend their normie doctrine and secretly infect the population with normie memes.

Through their army, much of the Cyber has fallen victim to normie infestation. Because of this, 9Gag continues to be the target of coordinated attacks and stigmatization from many other Cybernetic Nations.

9Gag vs 4Chan Edit

Main article: War of the Quadruple Alliance

On December 20th a raid called Operation Deepthroat went underway. All of 9gag's jealous enemies, including Reddit, Tumblr, and most of all, 4chan, attacked the heart of the 9gaganese empire - 9gag's "new" page - with porn and gore. Post after post fell to the mighty banhammers of the mods and were downvoted to oblivion, but eventually the 9gag army fell, as a new offensive came in from 4chan. For 40 hours, users were locked out of 9gag as the mods hunted and finished off the remaining imagery. In the six long years that have passed since then, the 9gaganese have never forgotten the raids of 4chan. One day they will strike back. And one day they will defeat the 4channers.